In Love with Maid Service

My Not-So-Strange Infatuation with My Housekeeper

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How Maid Service Can Save Your Marriage

Ok, that's probably a little extreme but now that I have your attention, gentleman: don't buy your wife flowers, buy her someone who will wash the dishes. Forget Tiffany's, call Lifestyle Maids, my husband did and it changed my life (no, really!)  Stay with me, I'll make my case...

The Magic of Maid Service

There is nothing that can compare to the sheer wonder of a woman walking into a sweet smelling, sparkling clean home especially if she didn't have to lift a finger. Maid service is better than Santa Claus, better than chocolate cake, better than any gift or bauble you can throw our way.

I can hear some of you out there objecting right now, your wife loves to clean does she. A study on the most hated chores by housewives says differently, it listed the most loathsome household tasks in this order:

  • Dusting 
  • Laundry
  • Taking out the trash
  • Ironing
  • Cleaning the Bathroom

All of these are dirty, dirty jobs and none of them will ever be completely done. We can do them today and every day for the rest of our lives but your shirts will eventually be wrinkled again, the soap scum ring in the tub will be back to taunt us and the trashcan will inevitably overflow as every member of the family tries to balance their new garbage on the teetering stack of garbage that has come before them.

The Heavier Load 

Women spend an average of 18 hours a week tending to home and family, that's on top of whatever "real job" (eyes rolling into the back of my head) they may have. So if your wifey works full time outside the home her "net" work week is a staggering 58 hours a week. That's over 8 hours a day, 7 days a week. Where is her weekend? Where is her day of rest? Why is she too tired to rub your back?

Consider too that the stress this burden causes your lovely wife could lead to nasty health problems like high blood pressure and even a heart attack. Let alone premature aging, a tendency for poor dietary habits and irritability. So, if you want your wife to be in tip top shape then a maid is the very best gift you could give her. Cleaning service is surprisingly affordable, especially when you compare it to the cost of medical treatment and care.


How a cleaning service can help

 A good cleaning service will offer a variety of solutions to match your needs and budget. First you need to decide how often is often enough? Is twice a month for several hours enough to help do a good deep cleaning and then the rest of the month you can get away with light tidying up? If you have small children I'd say go with weekly service.

Also important to think about is what exactly the maid should clean would you like  whole house "deep clean" or would you benefit more from service more often but the maid focuses on only the dirtiest areas of the house (usually the kitchen and the bathroom ?) This is a good time to talk to your wife and get her opinion, she knows more about how long things take and which are the heaviest/dirtiest jobs. For the record, dusting and bedmaking is easy compared to cleaning the oven or scrubbing the bathtub.

Of course this is all preliminary research because you still haven't actually shopped for maid service so you are mssing key pieces of information like the price for service and the availability of the service you choose. 

Where to find  good maid service

Te very best way to find a reputable company is to ask for recommendations from your family and friends. If they have a local cleaning service that they are happy with ten that can be a great place to start.

Another way to find likely candidates in to look online check out review sites like Yelp and City Search for local maid services with great reviews. Look the companies up on Google too, the goal is to weed out the bad apples before you even pick up the phone to start requesting estimates.

Interviewing Maid Services Over the Phone

First let's say that not all cleaning services were created equal. You need to find a good, local cleaning company with a solid track record and good references. When you have found a couple of promising candidates then it's time to give them a call. Here are a few questions you will want to ask any cleaning service up front:

  • What is your service area? 
  • Do you charge hourly or do you offer packages?
  • What are your rates for service? What is included is the service, which areas and items will be cleaned?
  • How many people will be coming to clean my house? 
  • If I were to set up regular recurring service could I expect to get the same maid/team every time? 
  • Are you bonded and insured? 
  • Can you provide references of former and current clients? Do you mind if I call them?  

After talking to the cleaning service over the phone and asking these questions you should have a good feeling if not then it's time to keep looking. A good company will answer all of your questions cheerfully and will be very transparent with their references.